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In order to successfully apply for a firearm license and own a firearm in Australia you are required to submit a ‘genuine reason’ with your firearm license application.

Each state is a little bit different but most of them require you to either have access to a LOT of private land or be a member of a club that is a registered Australian Hunting Organisation (AHO).

Through both the Premium and Platinum membership tiers The Australian Hunters Club offers NSW members the option to use their membership with the club to apply for an R-Licence, thus gaining access to ‘genuine reason‘ for owning a firearm via the “Recreational Hunting / Vermin Control” category. This status is used when filling out a firearm application.

So what is an R-Licence and how do I get one? Well, an R-Licence is a special licence issued by NSW DPI Hunting that allows a hunter to hunt in NSW state forest (more than two million hectares). In order to apply for an R-Licence hunters need to be a member of an Australian Hunting Organisation (AHO), which the Australian Hunters Club is! Then a hunter can complete a short 1 hour course online via the DPI website that when completed not only allows them to hunt in state forests, but this then becomes a genuine reason for owning a firearm which assists you in your firearm application.

Confused yet? That’s ok, if you have questions about either NSW firearm licence or R-Licence applications,  simply reach out to use via the form on our contact page and will help.

As our club grows we also hope to offer genuine reason in the other states and territories in Australia.

Important note The genuine reason status for NSW members is contingent on the member having an active R-Licence. Annual members gain immediate access to this benefit. Monthly members unlock access to this benefit 92 days after signing up.  Learn more here.

Australian Hunters Club Approved Hunting Organisation (NSW) #13815

Public liability hunting insurance

  1. Members who have an active R-Licence acquired through membership with The Australian Hunters Club are also covered with public liability insurance by NSW DPI Hunting policy, provided by Everest Re Group Limited, when they hunt under standard recreational licence conditions in NSW.
  2. The insurance covers bodily injury and/or property damage to third parties up to the value of $25 million.

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*Our club is a company, not an incorporated association. Learn why this is important and how it benefits members here.
**Members can use their membership with The Australia Hunters Club to gain access to NSW genuine reason and public liability insurance via the R-Licence. Monthly members unlock access to this benefit 92 days after signing up. Annual members gain immediate access. Learn more here.

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