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  1. First check, are you logged in? If you are a member simply click here to log in and then refresh the page and you’ll be able to access all of your member benefits.

  2. Has a recent membership payment failed? If you are a member, you are logged in and you are still seeing this message it is because you’re membership is paused due to a failed membership payment. It’s ok, this is an easy fix.

    To resume your membership simply go to your account page, click on the ‘Subscription‘ tab, then look for your latest renewal order which failed. Next to it will be a ‘Pay‘ button which you will need to click. You can then complete payment in the next screen. Once payment is confirmed your membership will resume and you will be able to access the members dashboard and club benefits again.

    Also, be sure to change you’re payment method here on the accounts page to a valid credit card to avoid future membership pauses due to failed payments.

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  4. Still need help? If none of these options work please fill out the form on the contact page outlining your issue and we will be in touch.

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