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We understand that people join hunting clubs in Australia for different reasons. Some people join to become part of a community, some are hoping to access training, and others to leverage a club’s accreditation for licence applications. It’s for this reason that offers such a diverse and expansive portfolio of benefits. We believe, more than any other club in Australia. If that wasn’t enough, we are also committed to continuing to improve existing benefits and introducing new ones.

You can get an overview of the benefits we provide to members below, or dig deeper to get more information on each.

Monthly Professional Hunt Giveaways

Every month eligible members automatically enter the draw to win a professional hunting experiences facilitated by our amazing partners and professional hunting guides around the country. Hunts that have been won as part of a giveaway are also transferrable so you can give them to your friends if you can’t do them. You could win a chital stag hunt in Queensland, a billy goat trophy hunt in NSW, A Sambar meat hunt in Victoria, or a Buck hunt in Tasmania. New giveaways run every month, with some months offering two hunting experiences up for grabs.

Available to Platinum members.

Monthly Hunting Product Giveaways

Each month eligible members can enter into the draw to win hunting products like beanies, jackets, bino packs, pants, t-shirts, scope covers, rifle bags, knives and much more. The average value of the monthly giveaways is $400.

Available to Premium & Platinum members.

Free Member Hosted Hunts

Any member of our club can host a hunt anywhere in Australia that other members can attend. We call this our Host A Hunt program. Events and hunts are visible via the members dashboard and come up regularly.

Available to all members.

Free Member Hosted Events

Any member of our club can host a casual event that other members can attend. We call this our Host An Event program. This is one of the ways we connect members across the country into real authentic community. This way you don’t have to wait for an event to pop up, you can just host one yourself! Events are visible via the member’s dashboard and come up regularly. 

Available to all members.

Discounts on Guided Hunts & Hunting Courses

Thanks to our partnership with Hunting Trips Australia and its amazing Australian hunting guides, outfitters and educators we are able to provide members with significant discounts on select guided hunts, tropy hunts, meat hunts, cull hunts and hunting courses around Australia. 

Available to Platinum members.

Hunting Retail and Brand Discounts

Members get access to over 40 exclusive discounts on hunting products from leading hunting brands and retailers like Gerber, Ridgeline, Wild Deer Magazine, Hunters Warehouse, Bush Edge and others.

Available to all members.

NSW Genuine Reason status 

Through our club NSW members have the option to list their membership with The Australian Hunters Club as their ‘genuine reason’ for owning a firearm when filling out a NSW firearm license application. Genuine reason status for NSW members is contingent on the member having an active R-Licence. Monthly members unlock access to this benefit 92 days after signing up. Annual members gain immediate access.

Available to Premium & Platinum members.

Member Directory

Through our ‘opt in’ directory members can easily create a profile and find other members based on their location, sex, interests, age, preferred species to hunt, experience, hunting style or whether or not they have access to private property. Once you’ve found someone you want to connect with it’s easy to send them a message via the form on their profile. Profiles only show basic information so that members privacy and contact information is protected. Access to the directory is available via all membership tiers.

Available to all members.

Member Harvest and Trophy Registry

We love celebrating the victories our members achieve in the field. It’s for this reason that we have a members harvest and trophy register. Through this register members can create records of their hunts, detailing their kills, harvests and trophies. Not only does these records immortalize and celebrate our members achievements, but they are a useful reference for other members. These records can be filtered and viewed by other members, and if the member agrees, listing can also contain contact forms allowing members to connect with each other.

Available for all members.

Annual Members Gathering and Camp

To complement the member hosted events and get everyone together each year we have a massive members camp over a weekend where you can come to the bush, bring your tent, go for a hunt and meet other like minded hunters who are a part of our community. Members come from all over the country to attend this camp. Expect long nights sharing stories by the campfire and action packed days! 

Available for all members.

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*Our club is a company, not an incorporated association. Learn why this is important and how it benefits members here.
**Members can use their membership with The Australia Hunters Club to gain access to NSW genuine reason and public liability insurance via the R-Licence. Monthly members unlock access to this benefit 92 days after signing up. Annual members gain immediate access. Learn more here.

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