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What is Host A Hunt?

Welcome to the Australian Hunters Club’s ‘Host A Hunt’ program, where we bring together hunters from across our great country and foster a strong community. This initiative serves as a platform for forming new relationships, acquiring knowledge, discovering new hunting locations, and sharing unforgettable experiences.

Through the Host a Hunt program, any member of our club can create a listing for a hunt they are planning and are open for other members to attend via our website. Once the hunt is approved is appears in a members only section of the website where fellow members can find it and express their interest in attending. The best part? These hosted hunts are completely free to join and can range from a half-day excursion to a multi-week expedition.

Members are continuously updating their hunt listings, so there are always fresh opportunities to explore.

If you’re seeking the chance to connect with local hunters, embark on thrilling hunting adventures, and create lasting memories, our Host A Hunt program is your gateway to an exciting world. Take a glimpse below at some snapshots from our recent hosted hunts.

How does Host A Hunt work?

The process is designed to be straightforward and efficient. To get started, a member creates a simple hunt listing on our website, providing essential details such as hunt description, dates, times, hunt location, and the maximum number of members the hunt can accommodate.

Once a hosted hunt is submitted, it undergoes a review process by our dedicated team. After ensuring that all the necessary information is provided and everything is in order, the listing is approved and made visible on our ‘Host A Hunt‘ page. Members can easily find the listing, review the details, and if they are interested in attending, they can express their interest by using our convenient contact form. When the form is filled out, the host receives the submitted information via email.

From there, it’s in the hands of the host to select participants from the pool of interested members and reach out to them to confirm the hunt details. This allows for a personalized approach, ensuring a smooth coordination between hosts and participants.

Where can I find and express interest in attending member Hosted Hunts?

You can find see some of the most recent hosted hunts below. Or click on the button to view all of the hosted hunts.

4 days
Hosted by: Chris Waters
For 1 hunter/s
Join me as I head up to the High Country in Victoria to hunt Sambar and Fallow as part of the final episode of Season 2 of The Huntsman….
5 days
Hosted by: Regan Johnston
For 6 hunter/s
As said, The Hog deer season runs through the month of April. You must have your tags prior to the hunt. I would hope everyone can make the scouting mission the month prior….
2 days
Hosted by: Darren
Multi Day Deer Hunt in Wombat S/F…

Where can I create my own Hosted Hunt?

Created a hosted hunt is easy at takes less then 5 minutes. Don’t worry you can always change the information on a hunt you are hosting after you’ve posted it.

To host your own hunt click on the button below.

Note: Hosted hunts are facilitated by members of the Australian Hunters Club community. It is not a professional service, nor is it being ran by the Australian Hunter Club, endorsed by the club or is an official club activity.

By participating in a hosted hunt hunters acknowledge that they have read the terms and conditions pertaining to “Host A Hunt’ and agree to release, hold harmless and unconditionally indemnify and defend Australian Hunters Club against any and all liability, costs, expenses, claims and damages that may arise for said activity.

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