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When you are brand new to hunting and don’t know any other hunters, how do you find and make friends? Well in a traditional club this would involve attending a boring and stuffy meeting with maybe 20 people in the room, where you sit down and listen to a talk no one is particularly interested in. Then after the talk you sheepishly sit there and hope someone comes and talks to you, or at least a member of the club introduces you to some people (if you’re lucky!)

We believe there is a better way. Why not empower members to connect directly with other club members whenever they want, based on shared interests, location, or even experience? Well, that’s exactly what you can do with the Australian Hunters Club’s members directory.

Through our directory, members can filter by state, city, sex, level of experience, age bracket, preferred animal to hunt, hunting style, and even whether or not they have private access! In member profile, you can then learn a little bit more about them and send them a message.

All messages are sent through the website via email so that members’ sensitive personal information is protected.

This is a powerful tool for connecting with other hunters. Every day members use this tool to find and connect with each other. 

If you are interested in seeing the membership directory in action check out the video below produced by Chris Waters,  on his YouTube channel, The Huntsman.

*Note the member’s directory is an optional benefit. Members do not have to create a profile, however, a profile is required in order to search and use the directory.

Example of the directory (left) and a listing (right)

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*Our club is a company, not an incorporated association. Learn why this is important and how it benefits members here.
**Members can use their membership with The Australia Hunters Club to gain access to NSW genuine reason and public liability insurance via the R-Licence. Monthly members unlock access to this benefit 92 days after signing up. Annual members gain immediate access. Learn more here.

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