South Australia Chital Stag Meat Hunt

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I’m heading up to Water Valley in South Australia to hunt chital deer at the start of September (Saturday the 3rd of September) and I’m wondering if anyone is keen to come along? Ideally looking for one of our South Australian club members to come along, given they won’t of had access to public hunting land in their state.

I will be accompanied by a professional guide for the hunt and are only permitted to take one meat deer (stag or doe), so whoever comes along will only attend in a spectator role, they won’t be able to hunt or shoot an animal. Regardless it will still be a great learning opportunity and a chance to see the legendary Water Valley deer up close and personal.

I will also be filming the hunt for my YouTube channel (The Australian Huntsman) so if you’re interested you could also be involved in that. If you’re interested in attending let me know via the contact form below. I want to give a bunch of members the opportunity to express interest so I probably won’t settle on whose coming for a few months.

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South Australia

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Host name: Chris W

Hunt date: 03/09/2022

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