Sambar/Fallow Deer hunt near Mansfield

Hosted by: Chris Waters

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I’m heading up the the fringe of the High Country in Victoria in October to film the final episode of Season 2 of The Huntsman.

I’m looking for a member of the club, a new hunter who has never shot a deer to come along. They will take part in the hunt, have the opportunity to shoot a deer (will be a sambar or fallow) and take home the meat, as well as feature in the video. There will be plenty of opportunity to learn as well as hunt.

Firearm licence is mandatory.

I’ll be hunting on a mixture of public and private land.

All accommodation (house) and food will be provided.

Target animal:




Weapon type:

This location may be a generalized to protect the hosts hunting spot. You can discover the exact location of the hunt by contacting Chris Waters.

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