Public Land Hog Deer hunt

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A truly unique experience, avalible to the dedicated.

To hunt a wild Hog deer on Public land is an amazing opportunity. The only wild huntable public land population in the world.

Their habitat is generally coastal, along the South Gippsland coast line from Wilsons prom to Lakes Entrance.
The Hog deer season only runs for the 30 days of April.
You will need to apply for you Hog deer tags on the My GL website and will need to have them before the hunt.

1 Male and 1 Female is permitted to be taken by each hunter. (Easier said than done)

This is no easy hunt. You will need to put some time in to scout the area pre hunt, pre April. Preferably joining me on an over night scouting mission on the weekend of the 16 of March.

Come April, hopefully our scouting has paid off and we can play the sit and wait game.

Not only to increase our chances but to reduce our movement throughout the reserve. We think about other hunters who have put in the time and effort to sit in their desired spots. We try not to wonder throughout the reserve during April.

I will start a chat group in due course for those interested.

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Host name: Regan Johnston

Hunt date: 24/04/2024

For 5 days

This is a ‘Host A Hunt’.

This hunt is being facilitated by a member of the Australian Hunters Club community. It is not a professional service, nor is it being ran by the Australian Hunter Club, endorsed by the club or an official club activity. 

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