New England hunt

Hunt Description

Boggabri 2 night/day hunt camp arriving on Friday 8 sept between 1 and 2 pm targeting pigs, deer, And feral pests

1 spot available, to tag along with my son and I,  will be hunting with rifles, also using my side by side to get around,

will be camping so need to provide own camping gear and what ever you may need for 2 nights

needs to be a responsible person and follow any rules of property owner

Target animal:

Boar (Pig)


New South Wales

Weapon type:


Host name: Nigel hawley

Hunt date: 08/09/2023

For 2 days

This is a ‘Host A Hunt’.

This hunt is being facilitated by a member of the Australian Hunters Club community. It is not a professional service, nor is it being ran by the Australian Hunter Club, endorsed by the club or an official club activity. 

To learn more about Host A Hunt view our terms and conditions.

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