Gippsland hunt deer & camp

Hunt Description

A bunch of us including a number of South Australian members are going to be heading up to Gippsland to hunt deer over the course of a few days. Anyone want to come?

The idea is that we will be setting up camp and moving out in groups to hunt the surrounding area.

For the first day of the hunt we will also have a professional guide on site. If you want to increase your odds or take the opportunity to learn from an expert you can chip in $50 to hunt with him and a small group.

Depending on the interest and the number of people at the camp the guide might also be available for extra days at a cost. Or we might even use him to provide a workshop. Once we have a better idea of numbers we can give people more options.

We also have a limit on the amount of people =that can be at the camp at any one day. So let us know which day/s you were thinking. We are most likely going to run the camp from the 8th till the 10th or 11gth. We can figure all that out once we have confirmation on numbers.

If you want to come you’ll need a few things:

  • Transport up and back (but we can also try some car pooling)
  • All your camping gear & tent
  • Your own food and water
  • Cold weather hunting clothes (it can get super cold)
  • Your own firearm (min .270 for deer) and ammo, a lockable firearm bag.
  • Bino and a knife (recommended)
  • A valid firearm license

A valid Victorian deer game license (which you can get here for $60ish)

*note map location has just been provided to give you a general area of where the hunt will take place. Coordinates of the camp site will be sent to those members who are attending at a later date.

Target animal:




Weapon type:



Host name: Patrick N

Hunt date: 08/11/2022

This is a ‘Host A Hunt’.

This hunt is being facilitated by a member of the Australian Hunters Club community. It is not a professional service, nor is it being ran by the Australian Hunter Club, endorsed by the club or an official club activity. 

To learn more about Host A Hunt view our terms and conditions.

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