2024 Patch PRE ORDERS now open!

Pre orders are NOW OPEN for our 2024 Australian Hunters Club member patch. This will be a limited run patch with orders closing on the 31st of November. This will be your only chance to grab one. You can pre-order the patch via this link https://australianhunters.com.au/product/2024-member-patch/ Each year we design and release a new member […]

2023 Annual Camp – Save The Date

Each year we host a BIG annual camp as a club that all members are invited too. Last year the camp was located in Victoria, this year we are going to run it in NSW. We are currently in the process of finding a suitable location in a state forest that can house us so […]

Red Kettle Quick release Rifle Sling M19

Over the last few hunts I’ve been using the Red Kettle quick sling. It’s been super useful getting access to my hands during difficult stalking sessions and I wanted to share this quick video to go over it’s features.