Zero Scope Target download

These targets are designed to take advantage of the human eye’s natural tendency to center an object within a circle. Using the targets will save time and ammunition, while at the same time providing tighter groups and a better zero.

The target is ‘calibrated’ for use at 50 yards to obtain the 50m/200m improved zero.

The target consists of:

  • 1 MOA center ‘zero’ dot
  • 2 MOA green inner dot to correspond with 2 MOA optics
  • 4 MOA red outer dot to correspond with 4 MOA optics
  • Larger black ring to assist in centering the optic’s dot over the center of the target.
  • Bold gray cross-hairs to assist in centering the reticule on the target.
  • Grid lines with click adjustment references and adjustment dial references (1/2 MOA adjustments common on red dot sights)
  • Yard to meter convertion and ‘click key’ (how many turns on your scopes turrets = 1 inch)


With the target is correctly placed at 50 meters, the optics dot will completely cover the colored portion of the corresponding target. The black ring will assist in correctly centering the optic over the target for a near perfect hold (depending on if you do your part). Simply shoot your groups and use the adjustment references to quickly move your point of impact.

The target is a .pdf file and follows the correct measurements for a standard A4 page. Simple print the pdf and it wil be the correct size.


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