Sambar Deer High Country Hunt – Hunting Victoria – Part 1

Video description: Straight out of the latest lockdown a couple of weeks ago Tyson, Reese and myself got up to the high country for a 3 day Sambar hunt. In this part 1 video I head off into the bush for the first morning hunt and track some deer. If you love hunting Victoria, Sambar […]

Mouth watering Australian venison / deer schnitzel recipe | #HuntingAustralia

Video description: You’ve just gone out and shot, and butchered your deer, and now you’re wondering “what’s the best way to cook deer?” Join Chris Waters (the huntsman) as he gives his famous Australian Venison/Deer Schnitzel Recipe. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete novice, or pro cook. In this simple venison schnitzel recipe video […]

Australian Deer Species | Appearance, Behaviour, Where To Find Them & Hunting Tips Description In this video Chris Waters (The Huntsman) gives a broad overview of our Australian deer species, their appearances, behavior, where to find them & hunting tips for each species. The video covers Samba Deer, Hog Deer, Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Chital Deer and the Rusa Deer. You can jump to the particular information […]