Hunter madness, coronavirus lockdown 5.0 | #HuntingAustralia

Video description:

How are you doing during this latest round of coronavirus lockdowns in Australia, Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia?

Like myself I know there are a lot of hunters out there who are really struggling with the lockdown and not being able to get out there in the bush and enjoy hunting their favourite spots, and the clam it brings.

For a lot of us hunting is a form of therapy, a way for us to detox from the craziness of the world and reset our biological clocks. With the latest lockdown this is stopping us from getting their reprieve.

I just wanted to film this quick video to let you now that you are not alone, there are a bunch of us going through exactly the same thing. Let’s encourage each other during this period and look forward to the next hunt. It will come.


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