Australian Rabbit Hunting In A Ghillie Suit?

Video description:

A few years ago my brother Luke gifted me a ghillie suit as a joke for Christmas (thanks mate). It’s been sitting in my cupboard gathering dust since then, so I figured I’d get it out and go hunt some rabbits. Is hunting Australian rabbit in a ghillie suit overkill? Yes… Is rabbit hunting in a ghillie suit fun, yes it is! haha.

Join me in this rabbit hunting Australia trip as I done the ghillie suit and head out to the sleepy town of Meredith in Victoria Australia, on the quest to get me a rabbit for my dinner.

If you love rabbit hunting, hunting in Australia, stalking, ghillie suits and a bit of light banter you’ll love this video.

See below for timestamps.

Intro: 0:00
Hunting location: 0:12
Why a ghillie suit?: 0:53
Firearm: 01:23
Rabbit sign: 02:02
Plan of action: 02:22
Glassing tips: 02:39
First shot: 03:24
First benefit for the ghillie suit: 03:51
Rabbit game trails: 04:32
Second target and shot: 05:13
Firearm safety tip: 05:57
Rabbit: 06:39
Hunting Australian rabbit In A ghillie suit summary: 07:22


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